University Preparation

The progressive A Levels (Advance level) program helps you achieve the grades you need to enroll at one of the world’s leading universities. Our specialist centres ensure you get the best teaching and guidance tailored to your area of interest.  Studying to prepare for a science or Engineering degree, Business, Art, Law and Humanities . Nurturing international students to help them achieve their educational aspirations and prepare for a brighter future. Enrichment is set of activities including trips, lectures, clubs and societies, activities, awards and competitions that complement the main curriculum. You will be provided with a choice of enrichment pathways, designed to significantly enhance university progression and your overall experience.

Why study A-levels Abroad?

Studying abroad before you begin your degree provides you with the opportunity to adapt to different demands, challenges and expectations of the Country education system, by the time you start the university you will be comfortable with studying in such a Country environment, concentrating immediately on your studies on resumption.

These programs are popular with both new secondary school graduates and those who have completed a university degree but want a course of study focused on career training.Colleges offer not only diplomas but degrees and even post-graduate diplomas available to either college or university graduates.

International Diploma is a one-year pathway program allowing students to gain entry to the second year of an undergraduate degree at a university

Why should I study an International Diploma?

  • To secure a conditional offer to the second year of an undergraduate degree at the host university
  • To develop your knowledge of your chosen degree subject to second-year undergraduate level
  • To improve your English language skills
  • To prepare for the teaching and studying style of universities

Foundation program is an intensive year long program designed to prepare you for the degree subject of your choice. The syllabi have been tailored to provide the skills and experience needed for success at the university and beyond. Seen as the gold standard by many of the UK’s leading academic institutions, successful completion of the Foundation year guarantees a place at one of the numerous prestigious UK partner universities.

We offer university places not only in the UK but in Australia, Canada, Ireland, St Lucia and the United States, allowing students to choose the institution which best suits their needs and ambitions. Subject-specific modules are complemented by English language tuition and study skills to equip you for university level education. Subject routes Options: – Each subject route comprises standard core module and specific module relevant to each subject area: Art & Design, business finance management, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Management and computer system, Module, Science and Pharmacy.

Why should I study an International Foundation? To

  • Improve your English language skills
  • Develop your knowledge of your chosen degree subject
  • Secure a conditional offer to an undergraduate degree at the host university
  • Prepare for the teaching and studying style of universities Abroad

There is a vast array of potential benefits to participating in study abroad programs for high school students. High school abroad programs may provide life experience, enhanced perspective, language skills, and the opportunity for personal development. When applying to college, graduate school, or even pursuing a career, adding a study abroad experience to your resume may be a great way to enhance your profile. Essentially, choosing to study abroad provides you with an experience that you would otherwise not be able to have at home.

The International Year One programme offers subject-specific pathways which prepare students for entry to the second year of a relevant undergraduate degree. The International Year One is a full-time academic programme which is comparable to studying the first year of a University.

Why should I Enroll for IYO?

    • Progress directly to your 2nd year:
    • Prepare for university: 

Taking an IYO will fully prepare you for the level of university study.

    • Ease into life abroad: 

Adapting to student life in another country can sometimes take a little getting used to. Studying an IYO will help you adjust to living in a different culture, and you’ll have an extensive support network ready to assist you with whatever you need.

    • International experience: 

Increasingly, employers value graduates who have spent some time abroad during their studies. An IYO is a great way to gain useful exposure to the wider world, and strengthen your chances of finding a good job when you finish university.